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Immigrants come to the United States full of hope and above all, they come willing to work hard to make their American Dream come true. My mission is to help them achieve those dreams.

-Priscilla Deniz, Esq.


United States is a country formed by immigrants who have made great contributions to its history and cultural development. Many immigrants arrive to this country full of hope and willing to work hard to achieve their goals.


Our team firmly believes that immigrants make this country a better place. That is why our mission is to fight for their rights, so they can live in the United States legally and contribute positively to their families and our society. 

We are experts in helping all qualified individuals through the immigration process:

  • Immigration Court (EOIR)


  • Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)

  • All consulates

  • Detention centers


We believe knowledge is power.


Promotional article for an interview attorney Priscilla Deniz participated


Miami, FL (June 2018)

Guest in the local Miami comedy-podcast Shit Miami Girls Say. Where attorney Priscilla Deniz had the opportunity to talk about immigration rights and shared tools to better understand this topic.

Listen to the full show on SoundCloud or iTunes.

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